What Can Construction Modeling Bring to Your Project?

Once upon a time, if you wanted to build a construction model, you were going to need a lot of glue and a steady hand.

These days, construction modeling is moving into the digital age. 3D rendering software can allow you to create detailed scale models without getting your hands dirty.

And with Building Information Modeling, or BIM, you can build these models with pinpoint accuracy. This saves you from costly redesigns when your construction doesn't match your model.

In this article, we'll take a look at how BIM construction modeling can help increase efficiency and save you money.

Construction Modeling Provides Better Project Visualization

Maybe you've worked with a developer who gestured across an empty field and said, "just picture it."

Chances are, you don't always get the clearest vision.

2D CAD renderings have long been the standard for visualizing a project, but they can't fully show the scope of a project.

With 3D construction modeling software, you can create a precise representation of your design. This lets you make the best visualization possible.

And with BIM, you can be sure that your measurements are as accurate to the real world as possible.

This also allows you to try different possibilities easily. Compare options for a courtyard or facade easily, seeing how it will affect the surrounding landscape.

More Effective Pitches

As an architect, you are always selling.

Whether you're meeting with investors, developers, or taking bids from construction companies, you need to instill confidence that their dollars will go to a worthwhile project.

And when you're making a pitch, precise construction modeling can do more than building confidence in your project. It can inspire your partners and clients.

Architecture has a way of affecting our mood. Standing in the stillness of a great cathedral or staring up at the neverending expanse of a skyscraper can fill us with awe.

Digital construction modeling allows you to capture that emotional response in miniature form, instilling a small sense of that awe in the people you're working with.

Construction Modeling Streamlines Construction

Blueprints have long been the standard guide for construction projects. But without a good idea of what the finished project is supposed to look like, things can go wrong fast.

And when materials are cut to the wrong lengths, or if walls are built in the wrong place--or if the surrounding area makes the blueprints impossible to follow--fixing it can get expensive.

Digital construction modeling gives the construction crew a good idea of what the project is supposed to look like. This cuts down on mistakes, which saves time and money.

Move Into The Digital Age

Are you struggling to create precise models with CAD drawings? Are your projects delayed by construction mishaps or inaccurate renderings?

Whether you're working on new construction, reverse engineering, or if you need 3D digital assets, BIM construction modeling can take out the guesswork.

If you have a project that you can't get your hands around, our skilled engineers would love to help.

Contact us today, and let us help you move into the digital age.

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