3 IoT Applications for the Industrial World

Internet of things (IoT) spans across all parts of life! Do you wear a smart watch or fitness tracker? Does your home have smart appliances? Have you ever used a smart recycling bin in a local city? Chances are, IoT has become part of your life without you ever thinking about it! IoT is no longer just for nerds and techies. If you use the technology, doesn't it make sense to understand it? Keep reading to learn what IoT is. We'll also discuss how IoT applications have impacted the industrial world.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of things will has changed how we lead our daily lives. It's impacted how we drive and how we work. It's given us access to data that we've never seen in the past.

IoT is the idea that any device can be connected to the Internet. We were once limited to connected cellphones and computers.

Nowadays, almost anything can be Wi-Fi enabled. This includes:

  • Washers and dryers

  • Cars

  • Headphones

  • Coffee makers

  • Sensors on a jet engine

  • Wearable devices

  • Lamps

The list is never-ending. In fact, it's predicted that 8.4 billion connected devices will be used this year alone. So what's created the perfect environment for IoT to flourish? IoT is booming for several reasons.

Internet is more widely available

First, Internet availability is growing. More than 3 billion people around the world have access to an Internet connection.

As broadband Internet prices continue to decrease, availability will rise.

Wi-Fi enabled devices are standard

When buying new technology, we all want a device that is Wi-Fi enabled. Wi-Fi devices allow us to stay connected on the go.

The popularity of devices with Wi-Fi sensors has also enabled IoT to take hold.

IoT Applications in the Industrial World

IoT has introduced new technologies into industrial automation. Sensor-based networks and wireless connectivity have transformed conventional automation processes.

Here are 3 IoT applications used in industry.

1. Smart meters

Advanced metering is promising for the industrial sector and for consumers. Smart meters provide more energy management power. This technology can analyze and automate energy requirements in much more efficient ways. On a wide-scale level, efficient energy management is necessary for a healthy power grid. These meters can be used for load management as well as energy use monitoring.

2. Sensors to provide concrete quality data

Quality concrete has to be used for building stability. Nowadays, sensors can be placed into the concrete. These sensors offer information about the quality and strength of the concrete as it cures.

These sensors can help make buildings safer and more secure.

Sensors have opened a new realm of data analytics.

3. Connected HVAC systems

Wireless HVAC systems are changing how we heat and cool our homes and buildings.

Using wireless thermostats, you can control and monitor the HVAC system in your home. Even when you are thousands of miles away! Connected HVAC systems allow consumers and technicians access to raw energy data. Consumers can optimize their energy usage. Additionally, engineers can more easily diagnose and troubleshoot HVAC issues.

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