The Role of 3D Laser Scanning in As-Built Surveys

Accuracy is key, in any business. But for engineers and contractors, it is more important than anything else. In fact, using inaccurate data can cost a company thousands of dollars! And that's why you want to get into 3D laser scanning.

You may be worried about the costs of 3D laser scanners or the maintenance needed, but not to worry! 3D laser scanners are much more beneficial than you would think. Plus, they can help your business move out of the past and zoom into the future!

Using the 3D laser scanner is an efficient way to create your as-built surveys, without the hassles you usually worry about.

Not convinced? Read on for more information. I promise you won't regret it!

What Is an "As- Built" Survey?

First thing's first, let's define an as-built survey to make sure we're all on the same page!

The as-built survey is a representation of a construction project's finished condition. Usually, they are the responsibility of architects and/or designers to complete. But, these employees are not always able to be on-site seeing the construction first-hand.

Due to this, these employees tend to rely on contractor's markups to create the survey. That is why owner-architect agreements usually remove them from being liable for inaccuracies in the survey. The responsibility is then placed on the contractor.

Done throughout the construction process, these surveys give information on the construction's progress. The as- built survey helps ensure a smooth process. It does this by showing the project's compliance with all regulations.

Plus, it is not unheard of for projects to change, needing new timetables or different work done. These changes can be easily assessed through as- built surveys.

Now, onto the 3D laser scanner! How does it work? Why should you get it? Read on for the answers!

The 3D Laser Scanner: How Does it Work?

Just like the traditional process, the laser scanner will begin by establishing control networks. These control networks will be both horizontal and vertical.

Then, the scanner is placed on a tripod. There, it will collect the information of every visible feature within range. The collection occurs in one of two ways: by traversing methodology or targeting.

This process is much faster and more accurate than the traditional method.

The points collected by the laser scanner are also known as "point clouds." These point clouds are rendered in 3D, resembling pixels in a digital picture. These pixels contain information of the exact size and shape of each object scanned. Plus, the point clouds are measurable, allowing users to measure exact distances between two points.

The 3D laser scanner documents these points in a way that provides users with access to all the information about the area.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

There are numerous benefits of using 3D laser scanning to create your as- built survey.

All in the Details

This technology has become popular for many reasons. The biggest appeal to the 3D laser scanner is the accuracy and detailed information provided.

Its ability to extract detailed construction and design information from structures is remarkable.

By using the point cloud method, the scanner is capable of capturing everything in the room. The information captured is then stored digitally. These digital points will then render into a 3D model that allows users to interact with it.

Plus, each point provided is accurate within +/- 1.10 inches. And, the points maintain all informational data from the scan, which can be accessed at any point.


The process of 3D laser scanning is capable of reducing a project cost by 5-7% and the project schedule by 10% on projects.

This reduction is possible because the machine takes a previously long and tedious process and completes it in a short time frame. A site that would take several weeks to survey with an employee will take mere days with the scanner.

Plus, the elimination of human error allows for an elimination of second-guessing. Humans are prone to distractions, exhaustion, and frustration. Machines, on the other hand, will complete a task as programmed, without interferences.

Reaching the Unreachable

Often times, sites will have places that are inaccessible or dangerous to survey. The scanner's remote capabilities, along with the fast capture rate, reduces harmful elements. And this reduction makes the construction site a safer, more enjoyable workplace.

An example of a site with harmful elements is nuclear power plants. In nuclear power plants, there are areas of high radiation levels that are harmful and risky to be in. These areas pose no threat to the 3D laser scanner. Using the scanner in these areas creates a safer environment while reducing risks.

3D laser scanning technology will create accurate surveys, without placing anyone in harm's way.

Accessible Information

A 3D scanner can provide data capable of being uploaded to the internet. By uploading the data, you allow for many people to view 3D rich information from different areas.

The 3D scan provides detailed information needed to the very fingertips of any stakeholder, creating a model that is easily accessible and easily understood.

Giving easy access allows anyone to view the completed structure whenever they need. Plus, the information is not stored as a single entity, meaning many people can view it from all over. These features will make your life easier, as well as your employee's.

A digital record also means that you do not need to worry about losing the survey. With internet access, it will always be accessible!

Get Your Accurate Results Today

What are you waiting for? Get your business out of the past and start using 3D laser scanning for your as-built surveys now!

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