6 Ways 3D Digital Modeling Can Determine Mechanical Integrity of Power Plants

3D modeling is a valuable tool to engineers the world over. In my final year at college I was working on a smart shower project. A smart shower is a pretty basic thing, it was about controlling the flow rate, temperatures, and a couple of other things. What made the project design and presentation such a breeze was the 3D digital modeling. However, the capabilities of 3D modeling are not just limited to my smart shower project, but can be used in more serious business: mechanical integrity of power plants.

The mechanical integrity of a power plant is about the reliability and safety. The one tool that has so much potential in improving mechanical integrity is 3D digital modeling. You need to embrace 3D digital modeling if you want to embrace the future. Otherwise you will be left behind.

The old ways cannot possibly hold a candle to the new means of 3D modeling. Below are 6 ways that 3D digital modeling your power plant engineering services can determine mechanical integrity of power plants.

1. International standard

Let us revisit the predecessor of the 3D digital modeling: 2D modeling. The one major limitation of 2D modeling was that different people would have different perspectives of the drawings.

In building, construction, and mechanical works the guys responsible for the drawings are not responsible for the implementation of the design. Misinterpretation means the design could be a time bomb. 3D digital modeling is an international standard. A million people will give the same one interpretation. That translates to better implementation of ideas from digital to real and functional designs.

Also, think of 3D digital modeling as a platform that enables talented and skilled experts to unlock their talents and change the industry. There might be a real talented expert who is not good in drawing, and but with 3D modeling they get a chance to offer their incredible services.

2. Allows for simulation of future scenarios

Before 3D digital modeling after the design and implementation of power plants, you would have to trust your instincts. You would test run the design once it was built without any prior knowledge of possible scenarios. With 3D digital modeling, the engineers can simulate all the possible future scenarios.

The ability to predict the power plant's behavior increases the mechanical integrity of the power plant so you are prepared to take preventive measures for the future scenarios.

3. Manufacturers produce reliable components

Manufacturers of the various components also get to use 3D modeling to contribute to the mechanical integrity of power plants. So the manufacturers get to predetermine the conditions that will allow for optimal operation and the conditions that would be catastrophic. For instance, when selling you a turbine, the manufacturer will give you correct specifications because of their 3D modeling, hence reliable components.

4. Plant inspection

By integrating the 3D modeling into other computer programs via sensors you can evaluate and access the plant remotely. In a power plant scenario, we have to agree that some components are had to get to physically. Through the combination of sensors and the 3D digital modeling, you are able to inspect every last of these components. In the case of a fault, you will also be able to tell easily before you encounter any losses or expose employees to injury. 3D modeling makes routine maintenance far easier.

5. Better information flow

Within the engineering field you will find that making too many hard copies of the design model has its limitations. 3D digital modeling, on the other hand, has no limitations. You can make a hundred soft copies without much financial burden. Better communication improves the mechanical integrity of the power plants.

6. Reduces Human error

Error and man are two inseparable things. When doing the design work using 2D, the designer has to do the top view drawing and side view drawing to visualize the design. During the process the mind gets weary, and often the designer might duplicate stuff or cut corners just to get the projects done. 3D digital modeling reduces such a risk from occurring.


3D modeling is a tool that will deliver power plants to higher mechanical integrity. As much as we are focusing on the mechanical integrity, it is clear to see 3D digital modeling also saves you time and money. All you need is our power plant engineering services to do all the above. Contact us today.

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