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Edoxx have participated as a Team Member and Resources partner during the execution of more than 1.4 Million man-hours of engineering services for International Clients.

The following is just a summary of project where Edoxx Brain Resources supported its Clients during the execution of engineering project :

Liquefied natural gas plants being built in Canada and Mexico. Edoxx scope of work included the review of the electrical engineering drawings, control and automation philosophy and generation of technical data for equipment and controls and the construction in a 3D PDS environment of the intelligent model.
Technical support during the development of a FEED (Front End Engineering & Design) for a feed stock conversion project. (Project name remains Confidential). Revision of Process data for process equipment such as vessels, pumps, and heat exchangers in the acid gas removal unit within the process of converting natural gas fed ammonia fertilizer plant. Work included the construction of the 3D Intelligent Model using Intergraph PDS platform for all the equipment and piping systems.
Revision of piping lines, P&IDs, design of piping supports, isometric extraction and isometrics generation, piping layouts, vents and drains in piping lines in 3D models using PDMS software.
400 KTA HDPE High Density Polyethylene. Equipment and piping modeling, design of piping supports, piping layouts, piping racks, isometrics extraction and generation, class revisions and model development. Static and dynamic piping stress calculations using Caesar II for aerial an buried process piping interconnecting compressors, exchangers, columns, and other equipment nozzles. Design of special piping supports. Prepare data sheets and isometrics for field fabrication. Construction of a 3D intelligent model in a PDS environment.
Design and calculations of all steel frames, columns, and beams required by equipment structures and industrial buildings. Calculations of equipment and buildings’ foundations. Incorporation of all technical data in 3D models using Frameworks. Prepare the instrumentation and control philosophy pressure safety valves, specifications for instrumentation equipment, review and preparation of flow diagrams equipment testing procedures, DCS, ACS, and SIS. Incorporation of all the revised and produce data in a 3D intelligent model using Intergraph PDS environment.
Technical Support to CB&I during the construction of a 3D intelligent model required to build a gas processing and treatment complex; elimination of gas flaring and recovery of hydrocarbon vapors. Work associated to the calculation of steel members, structural steel calculations, equipment foundations, piping stress analysis, design of piping supports, materials take-offs, data sheets preparation, purchase requisitions preparations, and other related engineering activities.
Building of a 3D intelligent model based on provided process and P&ID’s for the utilities and offsites of a distillation process, delayed coking, hydro processing, and sulfur recovery facilities in the steam and condensate system, Cooling water systems, and nitrogen systems .
Mechanical equipment and engineering support during the design of a new 20K bpd processing unit, including primary distillation, hydro-desulfurization, catalytic cracking, offsite, and external utilities. Construction of an intelligent model using PDS platform.
Project management, schedule preparation, project, budget control, control. Calculations of Earned values, WBS, work plans, project schedules, progress reports, man-hours calculations, business process.
Design of structural steel buildings, steel members, equipment foundations, retaining walls calculations, piling designs, concrete slabs calculations, fabrication shops, and field drawings approvals. Reflection of developed information into a 3D smart model.
Technical Support to CB&I during the execution of the FEED process required for the expansion of the Ecopetrol refinery in Cartagena Colombia. Work related to project planning, scheduling, budget and cost control, civil and structural engineering planning. Support in the development of intelligent 3D models for 14 process plants including steel members , process equipment, process piping, piping supports, isometrics generation.
Laser Scanning of plants 200 / 201 / 2000 & 2001 alkylation plants located at the Barrancabermeja complex. Process of all collected data , construction of a 3D semi intelligent model using Leyca and Z+F scanners and LFM server software. The model included all the process equipment, piping systems steel members and electrical systems as well as the identification of all the tie-ins between new and existing facilities.
Laser Scanning, Underground Assessment, Dumb Modeling and 3D Intelligent Modeling of a Central Processing Facility identified as CPF 1 located in a remote area in southeastern of Colombia. Work included all the revision of more than 75.000 technical documents, and its updating after a field review, the scanning of all the plants and the uploading of technical data into an smart 3D intelligent model using Aveva 3D PDMs platform . Client requested Edoxx to help with locating all underground utilities, high pressure steam pipes, fiber optic, electrical duct-banks, buried tanks, cables and other underground anomalies within a 40 hectares facility. Edoxx received existing as built information to be used as the guide to located other added elements along of the 20 years operation. Edoxx received all existing information including base maps. The area was divided into grids and a combination of high frequency generators, Ground Penetrating Radar, Electromagnetics and Magnetics and GPS was utilized to cover the area. All data was processed and 2D drawings and 3D models were produced indicating coordinates, elevations, bearings and routing of each element found.